Christina Krämer - Zurich

For those of you who love to drape yourselves in jumpers made with soft, rich fabrics, ethical fashion label CHRISTINA KRÄMER is here to help.  The brand takes an ethical approach to their production of men and women’s jumpers, using only 100% cashmere wool that comes from nomadic goatherds in Mongolia.

“For me it was very essential from the very beginning to work only with natural materials,” says Christina, founder and designer of the label. She, along with partners Luca Moretti and Mario Andrea Cozzi, were inspired to create an ethical line because, Christina states, “At some point of working for so many years in the fashion industry I had to create my own vision of fashion.”

The cashmere used in CHRISTINA KRÄMER’s Modern Nomad collection are sustainably and fairly sourced from Mongolian goatherds. Even the care and size labels are made with GOTS certified organic cotton, and the hangtags and other paper packaging are printed on certified and recycled paper. That’s one way each purchase supports the environment as well as the livelihood of the Mongolian nomads and their herds. 

Another way CHRISTINA KRÄMER supports the environment: the brand’s limited use of dyes. “Cashmere naturally comes in different colours: from nearly snow white to grey, from ochre to dark brown or black,” they state. “Apart from the black pieces in her collection – [the company] uses no dyes at all, but relies on the ‘goats’ natural colour’.”

“I realised that I already was producing the collection fair, selective and conscious. So I refined my way of creating more and more sustainable and ethical and still do, as it is the concept of the collection.”
— Christina

The designs for the sustainable collection come from a variety of influences: “Life, talks, meeting and observing people, cinema, spirit of time… nature of course plays a big role, altogether the sum of it all,” Christina says. She states the motivation to create an ethical collection was a reflection of the brand’s natural path. 

The collection offers stylish jumpers for men and women, in neutrals that are both trendy and versatile. From sleeveless jumpers to oversized cozy sweaters, the range from CHRISTINA KRÄMER’s collection is absolutely gorgeous. One of the best parts is knowing that these classic designs are made ethically, with materials in their most natural state.

From the endless steppes and deserts of Mongolia all the way to Zurich, Switzerland, CHRISTINA KRÄMER has made it a point to make ethical choices all along the way. The label is striking a perfect balance between luxurious, sustainable, and trendy, which is being executed flawlessly in this collection. Their all-natural materials, eco-friendly packaging and respect for their workers reflects CHRISTINA KRÄMER’s true description: a high-end ethical fashion brand.