Bon Label - Sydney

French women are known for being innately fashionable: with endless arrangements of scarves, black ballerina flats, and striped shirts, their clothing is both timeless and elegant. Inspired by French fashion, Bon Label is one ethical clothing brand that holds true to its “good” name.

Bon Label was born from the mind of designer Linda Smyth’s admiration of Parisian style, and her desire to create clothing that is both durable and sustainable. Bon uses only GOTS Certified organic cotton, and makes their garments ethically and locally in Australia.

Bon Label has chosen quality organic cotton for their clothing because it provides a number of health and environmental benefits compared to its conventionally grown counterpart. Non-organic cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop in the world, and because it is handpicked in many countries, pickers are exposed to harmful toxins.

“Bon. French for good. Good for womankind.”

On the other hand, the methods used to grow organic cotton support biodiversity and healthy eco-systems, improving the quality of the soil it’s grown in and often using less water. Bon Label’s respect for the environment and their cotton pickers reinforces their ethical design process, and lovingly brings their garments to life.


All of Bon’s simple yet classic clothing is designed with utility and style in mind. Bon’s garments are created in basic colours like white, black and grey, complimented with seasonal prints and sometimes, but more rarely, with a splash of colour. Their garments blend the best of both worlds by providing women with luxury, everyday pieces that are casual, effortless and elegant.

The reason why Bon Label is so profound is because they refuse to be taken at face value; the story behind their ethical fashion brand is absolutely beautiful. Bon's respect for the environment, the world and for each individual shows that they promote individuality, while also making a difference in the world.