Blue Planet Eyewear - California


Friend of Moyo - Blue Planet, California

We all have that one (or two or three) pair of sunglasses that goes with us absolutely everywhere. With so many cute styles coming out this summer, where to buy the next pair?

One ethical fashion brand we have fallen in love with is Blue Planet Eyewear, a California-based company that designs and crafts sustainable eyewear while giving back to those in need. In fact, their very first collections were made with recycled and reclaimed materials; since then, they have incorporated natural materials such as bamboo and wood. 

Our goals are straightforward: help protect the planet, change lives and have fun
— Blue Planet

In addition to making their ethical glasses using sustainable materials, Blue Planet Eyewear is changing people’s lives by donating a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair purchased. To date, they have given over 150,000 pairs to individuals in the US and around the globe.

The individuals behind Blue Planet Eyewear understand the importance of good glasses and lenses, which can prevent strain and vision problems over time. Each pair is created with quality in mind, and with a classic, eco-friendly style. 

Not only does Blue Planet’s ethical endeavours aid the environment, but they reach far beyond by helping those in need. Above all, the folks behind Blue Planet Eyewear understand that being a great brand does not just mean making a great product; it’s got to include positive values, good intentions, and an ethical story behind the brand. Their ethical line has bright prospects for any and all future eyewear brands, making the world shine a little brighter.