Blluemade – Brooklyn

When you wake up in the morning, climbing out of your comfy linen sheets just seems dreadful. Thanks to ethical fashion brand blluemade, this luxury fabric has made its way from your bed to your body, with their line of sustainable clothing made from high-quality, all-natural linen.

Compared to cotton, linen requires fewer environmental resources. The material is derived from flax (that’s right, where you get those super healthy seeds!), and isn’t produced with chemical intervention. Linen even gets better with use, becoming softer and stronger with each wear- Its high-quality, durable nature lasts years so you can say goodbye to those one-season shirts.

Blluemade founders slash husband and wife team Alex Robins and Lilly Lampe discovered the beauty of linen in Belgium, which is where they source their fabric. “Nothing can replace the centuries of working knowledge and craftsmanship at the textile mills of Belgium,” they state.  “This is clear in the fine feel and look of Belgian linen.... we include with each garment a certificate from the Masters of Linen, an association of European textile producers that verifies only the finest Belgian flax was used as seed, string, and cloth.”

“Our garments are meant to be worn effortlessly, with ease of care, and a timeless yet modern appearance.”

Their use of centuries-old linen fabric reflects a minimalist and classic approach to their designs. With blluemade’s collection of chic pocket dresses, men’s button downs and casual slouch pants, each garment can easily become a staple in anyone’s closet. With simple neutral colours, their designs are made to be as versatile as they are timeless.

We all want to simplify our lives, our minds, our closets. That means buying products that make you feel good, inside and out; it means choosing a sustainable approach; and of course, it means making conscious decisions and putting meaning back into our possessions. That’s why we love brands like blluemade, who care about elegance and style as much as they do sustainability and ethics – durable and beautiful.