Beaumont Organic - Manchester

Friends of Moyo World - Beaumont Organic, Manchester

For Beaumont Organic, ethically sourced materials and fabrics are an integral part of every garment. For this UK-based ethical fashion brand, constructing a beautiful piece of clothing is only part of the process; they believe that each piece is significant, and have found a way to express that by being a conscious producer in every sense of the word.

This international ethical ladieswear brand blends signature styling with contemporary classics for women who love everyday pieces. They combine contrasting fabrics and unique silhouettes with luxury organic, fair-trade and eco fabrics to create a renowned style. With lots of neutral pieces, Beaumont Organic is known for creating comfortable, transitional pieces that can be worn day or night.

It is not just the final beautiful garment that makes Beaumont Organic clothing so special, it is the story behind the garment.
— Beaumont Organic

This organic clothing brand transcends their ethical principles in all aspects of business, from large accounts to individual workers. The brand is dedicated to their ethical label, which includes fair wages to all of their employees, local EU production, and organic and sustainable clothing fabrics.

All of Beaumont Organic’s production facilities are located in the UK or Portugal, providing good working conditions for staff and treating workers with respect. They believe that each individual helps the brand reach its full potential, and this consciousness extends to every part of the production process.

The fabrics that are used in Beaumont Organic’s luxury casual pieces are all made using sustainable materials, like organic cotton, bamboo, linen, and wool. Using these all-natural materials allows the brand to make quality garments that really showcase the fabrics, and reflect their commitment to all-around responsible production.

We love Beaumont Organic because they believe that fashion isn’t just about clothing, but about sending a message and showing your true colors. With pieces from their collection, you’ll look comfortable and cool – all while knowing that you are making a superb ethical choice.