Article 22 - Laos, Vietnam

Friends of Moyo World - Article22, Laos

ARTICLE 22 dropped a Peacebomb on the fashion industry by shifting the way the world sees jewellery. This ethical brand has discovered a way to create designs that tell transformation stories from negative to positive, and have a beneficial impact on the environment and the community.

The label works on a number of scales, which help to shape their ethical brand. The metals that are used for their PEACEBOMB line are all derived from unexploded US bombs that were dropped in Laos between 1963 and 1974. Out of the 250 million of them, about 80 million bombs were left unexploded, which has posed a hazard to the country to this day.

Creating handcrafted jewellery from Vietnam War shrapnel helps to clear unexploded munitions, making land safe and providing metal to artisans. Seeing ARTICLE 22 derive beauty from something that was once harsh and threatening is truly touching, and it reflects the tangible value of fashion that does good.

In addition to clearing the land of hazardous materials, ARTICLE 22 works closely with local artisans to design each piece of ethical jewellery. “We partner with artisans in off-the-beaten-track places to create modern heirlooms with particular provenance. Every design intimately relates our objects and ideas.” 

Artisans are agents of change, healing their land, making it safe to play and grow rice.
— Article22

ARTICLE 22 is committed to treating their artisans fairly, and each one earns at least 5x the local hourly minimum wage, providing them with the disposable income for books, school, fuel, and medicine that their subsistence farming livelihoods cannot. Working with these artisans helps to support the local economy, and reinforces ARTICLE 22’s appreciation for the country of Laos and its people.

See how the bomb metal is transformed into sustainable jewellery here:

The alchemy of transforming negative into positive, aluminum shrapnel, melted and recast wood and ash molds, becomes beautiful and meaningful jewellery
— Elizabeth Suda, Founder Article22

Creating a positive impact on the world does not require millions of dollars; ARTICLE 22 founder Elizabeth Suda worked in the merchandising department at Coach before deciding to switch to a career that was more beneficial to the environment and other individuals. Now, her brand has been recognized by, and won awards from, the Tory Burch Foundation and Chivas Regal’s.

ARTICLE 22 is doing a fantastic and beautiful job in their endeavor to positively impact the world. They have successfully found a way to support local artisans, make a country safer, and help out the environment – and even change the world’s perception of “Make Love, Not War.”