allSisters - Barcelona

The ethical swimwear brand allSisters was developed with a conscious design in mind. Their eco-friendly pieces, which use innovative patterns and recycled materials, were originally created out of a deep admiration of the ocean and water sports. The allSisters high-end swimwear pays tribute to the transformative power of nature and women. They are committed to this emotional connection to the planet, which both helps shape their designs and serves as their point of inspiration. 

allSisters was developed as a response to the modern, eco-conscious woman who leads an active life and demands multifunctional swimsuits. The pieces are created to make each woman feel at ease with their body, all while feeling beautiful and sexy. At the same time, the creators of allSisters believe that we are all interconnected, and that we should work together to protect our planet, by producing both responsible and sustainable fashion.

Their philosophy is not simply to design swimwear; allSisters is committed to creating comfortable and fashionable swimsuits that respect the female body as well as the environment, through elegant and timeless pieces everyone can rely on.

“Because we love the wide sea as much as we love fashion.”
— All Sisters

What's the real story behind the outfit?

Staying faithful to their commitment with ethical and sustainable fashion, allSisters uses high quality recycled textiles from Italy that carry the Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees that they are tested for harmful substances and are made in environmentally friendly facilities and socially responsible workplaces.

The upcycled garments they use are made of stock material that comes from local factories, which further supports the local economy. All of their fabrics are lightweight and soft, yet resilient and durable, making their designs the perfect match for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Because sustainable design should not be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone
— allSisters


Staying true to the principles of sustainable fashion, allSisters creates swimwear with an ecological and fair trade conscience, which preserves the natural environment for future generations to come. They hope to be a brand that eventually changes the rules of production in the fashion industry, without renouncing cutting edge design or functionality.

“Swimwear for the conscious fashionista, responsibly made in Barcelona”
— All Sisters