AEON ROW - Boston

One of the best things about buying secondhand is that an old piece of clothing gets a renewed life. However, finding a secondhand piece that you’ll fall in love with can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’re thankful for AEON ROW, an eco-friendly fashion line with clothing made from recycled fibers.

This Boston-based brand is on a mission to find uses for unwanted clothes. That’s why they provide a clothing-recycling program – for each item you buy, you can send one of your old clothing items back to them to be recycled.

Here’s how it works: once you send a garment back after your purchase, AEON ROW sorts clothing by material, and decides the most appropriate recycling option. Then, it’s further sorted by color, and broken down to be spun into new yarn. Finally, the yarn is woven into fresh fabric, is cut and sewn into a timeless design, and is later sold on their website.

After we receive your clothing, we’ll give it a new life. Whether we turn it into fresh yarn for our future clothing items or convert it into cushioning for a car seat, rest assured that it is not going to the waste bin.

We absolutely love this message. For AEON ROW, it’s not enough to make clothing eco-friendly, which is why they encourage buyers to recycle clothing with them. And for anyone working to minimize her wardrobe while keeping up with the latest style, this is a perfect solution.


AEON ROW’s line of basics are both beautiful and versatile. The simplicity of their skirts, dresses and tops are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. They understand that when you put meaning into the items you have, they become that much more loved.

For anyone looking to buy from a nearly carbon neutral fashion line, AEON ROW is the way to go. By rewarding individuals for their sustainable actions, AEON ROW shows that they care about so much more than just clothing. Photo Credit: Karin Dailey