About Moyo World

An online community for ethical retailers and consumers

Every day, we have the opportunity to make decisions. Whether it’s something as simple as what type of coffee to order, or as important as what career choice to make, each one is significant in its own way. Decisions about who we want to be, where we want to go, and how we want to act all work together to make us who we are today, who we will be tomorrow, and how we impact the world around us.

Making individualistic choices is what makes each person unique, and that uniqueness, which spans a thousand shades of grey, is what shapes humanity.  At Moyo World, we believe that the simple act of doing something positive in the world, of someone making a conscious decision, is always the right decision. We want to give people the opportunity to make ethical choices and feel good about what they are buying. We want to create a community where everyone – whether they are into veganism, vintage upcycled goods, buying local, or purchasing sustainable clothing – can connect and make conscious purchasing decisions.

The Story behind our ethical marketplace

Many months ago we stumbled upon a small business that had a great story behind their product, a company who was doing their little bit to make the world a better place. Finding this ethical company and learning the story behind their products touched our hearts in a way that buying from a department store never could. But like many small businesses, they had limited time and resources. How could they find more customers when they were so busy creating wonderful products and changing the lives of people in developing countries? 

We knew we wanted to help this ethical fashion brand, and many others just like it, and that's when the idea for Moyo World struck us. We quickly found so many transparent, sustainable brands around the world promoting conscious consumerism and giving people the opportunity to make ethical choices. These businesses are committed to raising awareness and educating customers on where they source their supplies.

To create a positive global change in the way we consume
— Moyo World

On Moyo World every product we feature tells a unique story. Our ethical marketplace will connect you to products that are positively trying to help in the world, either by using salvaged or recycled materials, using all-natural dyes, or employing individuals who handcraft the goods they create.  Our website will feature several categories to connect every type of ethical consumer to what they are looking for, be it products that are vegan, sustainable, recycled, organic, eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients, or locally sourced. 

Moyo World has been designed to create a unique shopping experience that enables ethical consumers to easily find items they love, while engaging with amazing brands from around the world.

We decided to name our ethical marketplace, Moyo, a Swahili word meaning heart, life, soul. The story behind it reflects our passion for connecting ethical consumers to ethical products they will always feel good about purchasing. We at Moyo World are dedicated to giving individuals an opportunity to make choices that give life, give heart, and give soul to the people in the world who need it the most.

(n) to give life, to give heart, to give soul
— pronunciation | (moy-yo)


Each brand we find has a story behind the product, and we want to give ethical consumers the opportunity to create their own story behind the outfits they wear each day. At Moyo World, we intend to connect individuals to products that we can all feel good about standing behind, so when you tell your outfit's story, it goes way beyond just the colours of the clothes you wear.